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Wired Games is an independent game development team based in the West of Ireland and united by a passion for intelligent, fun and exciting gaming experiences. Our team boasts a broad mix of skills, experience and drive. We are currently deep in the development of our first title, Universe or Nothing, an engaging cooperative multi-crew space sim game depicting the harrowing conflict between a rebuilt Earth and the human colonies who had thought themselves forgotten. You’ll be able to pick up Universe or Nothing on Steam in 2017, or via bootlegged holocube if you’re in the Centauri system.

Wired Games’ founding members, Mark, Dave and Pádraig, have known each other for many years, having united over a shared love of gaming at Mark’s PC gaming LAN centre, the original Wired Games. While that business is no more, the trio have pooled their energies and carved out the time to pursue the dream of developing their own game.


Wired Games Is

Mark Aherne

Development and Game Design (Lead)
Mark has always had an interest in games, and has been gaming long enough to remember when games came on cassette tapes and took an afternoon to load. He has indulged his passion for gaming in many ways, including opening and running the original Wired Games, a PC gaming LAN centre based in Galway, where he was known for unearthing obscure but fascinating titles and coaxing his clientèle into trying them out. Mark’s forays into making his own games began with text games in BASIC on the BBC Micro, graduating to mods (everything from Ultima Online to Call of Duty) and then into full time game development. Most recently he has worked as the lead developer on a cloud based trading card platform, Fantom, which is used by a number of major brands and currently boasts thousands of players. Despite frequent denials, rumours persist to this day that Mark sees the world in the form of a Matrix-like code rain.

David Keaveney

Development and Game Design
David is a graduate of NUI Galway where he initially began by studying physics and astronomy, but after taking a coding module realised that the software running telescopes could be just as interesting as the balls of exploding hydrogen those telescopes were pointed at. Dave went on to present his Master's Thesis on genetic programming of AI in games, in which he successfully taught a computer how to teach itself to win at a strategy game. To someone with a humanities background this appears to be needlessly complex, but it has apparently broad ranging applications. None of this helps when you let someone else write your biography, however. Since graduation, David has worked on Mark's development helping to implement cloud based game services, with a focus on modular systems and ganking bot.

Pádraig Murphy

Writing and Game Design
Pádraig has worked as a graphic designer for close to a decade, and more recently as the manager of a print and creative design agency in Galway. His interest in gaming began when he was given an Atari 2600 as a child. Later he became fascinated by PC gaming, dutifully spending hours copying BASIC to an i386 computer to ‘install’ the sort of games which these days are given away for free on smart phones. Pádraig enjoys writing short stories and pen & paper RPG scenarios for his friends and gaming conventions, and has even hazarded a couple of homebrew settings over the years. In his spare time, he likes studying and teaching science, believing it holds the key to his future robot army. (Just kidding, robot armies are mostly an engineering problem.) He is excited to be a part of Wired Games, and enjoys helping to develop the deep sense of story and setting which gamers rightly demand from their hobby. He is widely regarded to be as handsome as he is modest.