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  • Welcome to our new 3D artist

    Hi all, I am delighted to announce that Pete McNally, a brilliant 3D artist who is currently Senior Artist/Designer with an...
  • What is Universe or Nothing?

    My name is Mark, and I am obsessed with making the space sim of my dreams. That sim is Universe or...

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  • How to boil an egg

    When it comes to science fiction, and boiled eggs, how hard is too hard? I've always loved my hard scifi, but...
  • A Game of Chance (Fiction)

    Universe or Nothing has a rich narrative, but it is something which we haven't really touched upon yet. We wanted to...

Universe or Nothing




Command a cunning and deadly capital spaceship and experience the tension filled atmosphere of participating in a galactic war. From ambushing enemy destroyers to rescuing allied convoys you will experience your own personal story. This revolutionary spaceship sim brings a new level of depth to the genre with information warfare, crew management, and detailed ship systems. The game features a beautiful movie-like UI, a career campaign, cooperative multiplayer, and extensive mod-ability.

We want you to help shape the future of Universe or Nothing, join us for development discussion and updates on our forums or Facebook page.

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