Universe or Nothing

Command a cunning and deadly capital spaceship and experience the tension filled atmosphere of participating in a galactic war. From ambushing enemy destroyers to rescuing allied convoys you will experience your own personal story. This revolutionary spaceship sim brings a new level of depth to the genre with information warfare, crew management, and detailed ship systems. The game features a beautiful movie-like UI, a career campaign, cooperative multiplayer, and extensive mod-ability.

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Travel silently on low power to ambush the enemy, or go in with guns blazing to overwhelm them. Carefully disable enemy ships to capture prisoners and maximise your salvage, or blow them out of the void to be sure of a quick get-away. Use strategically placed away teams to gather intel, or hack enemy comm arrays to discover the location of vulnerable assets. How to win the war is up to you, but win it you must. All the universe... or nothing, which shall it be?


The Bridge

As Captain you will be able to command and control four roles on the bridge of your ship; Helm, Tactics, Science and Engineering. Commanding involves issuing orders to your bridge crew, controlling means you take their seat and do it yourself.


A good helm officer understands the theory of flight in zero G, but a great one knows just when to fire thrusters to avoid that incoming tactical nuke. Your pilot will need to read the current situation and have the reflexes to react to it, protecting the ship with evasive manoeuvres while keeping the enemy within the firing arc of your turrets.


Tactical Spaceship UI

They say a good tactical officer has a plan to kill everyone they meet, and a great one has plans to kill people they’ve only thought about meeting. Keep an eye on them though - they tend to take risks and push the ship beyond it’s limits. While on at least one occasion this has helped repel an invasion fleet, this practice has also resulted in many a ship becoming just another wreck drifting in the void...


Science officers are the kind of people who interrupt delicate diplomatic transmissions to inform their captain that the enemy ship is displaying unusual power fluctuations in it’s aft scanning array. Now, sometimes this is nothing but a scientific curiosity, but occasionally it’s an indication that the enemy is about to burn a hole in your hull. The trick for any captain is in knowing which is which...


Engineering Spaceship UI

The best engineers all share a common delusion - that the ship they are assigned to could explode at any moment. They’ll tell you that pushing the laser turrets any further could cause a catastrophic failure in the core, or that an emergency jump to cruise speed will rip the engine nacelles from their moorings. Don’t worry too much - it almost always turns out just fine. Almost always.



  • Command a spaceship through an expansive campaign featuring dynamically generated content. Fully simulated systems allow you to play any way you want to, from loud and aggressive to silent and deadly.
  • Issue orders to, or directly control, four roles on the bridge of your ship; Helm, Tactical, Science and Engineering. Each role offers its own unique engaging experience, with a focus on “easy to pick up, difficult to master”.
  • Invite your friends on Steam to join your crew, taking over one or more roles on your bridge.
  • Fully realised 3D space with physics (velocity and momentum).
  • Optimised multiplayer networking designed for seamless internet play.
  • Customise your ship with systems (weapons, sensors, shields and engines) purchased from stations or salvaged from wrecks.
  • Extensive modding support with full Steam Workshop integration.


Universe or Nothing will be available on Steam in 2018, or via bootlegged holocube if you’re in the Centauri system.