Incoming Transmission: Update September 2015

Hey everyone! We’re just checking in to let you know how things have been going since our successful Greenlight this summer. We’ve been working hard, nailing down features, drawing up plans and generally fleshing out UNION. Currently the bulk of our efforts are aimed at getting ready for an Alpha build of the game, which we expect to be ready in Q4 2015. We already have a bunch of functionality in place, but there’s still a ton of more things to implement before we’re ready to compile a build and slap the title of ‘Alpha’ on it. We’ll keep you posted though; we’re still blown away by all the support we’ve received, and will be making efforts to keep everyone in the loop.

So, with the coding wing of Wired Games busily wearing out keyboards, I thought I’d reach out to you folks to ask a much more important question; what are you going to call your first ship in UNION? Answers can be posted to our Steam Greenlight page, and if we get any really good suggestions then you never know, you might see your ship name turning up in the game somewhere...

This post's features image shows the stars of Earth and the Centauri system to scale.

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