Torpedoes, Torpedoes, Torpedoes (Dev Log 6)

Since the last dev log the focus in development has been on adding torpedoes to UNION.

While the turret based beam weapons are very flexible, and precise, nothing beats the excitement of a well aimed torpedo.

Torpedoes are some of the most devastating weapons in the game, a single hit to an unshielded hull can cause massive damage, and possibly even cascade failure. However they are expensive, ships generally carry a limited supply, and they have limited tracking capabilities. You have to line up your target and get the timing right to ensure a strike, but you really do get a feel for that after a short time.


The (Somewhat) Technical Detail

Torpedoes are fully simulated entities within the environment, just like ships and space stations. The have a energy signature which can allow them to be tracked, and in some circumstances even shot out of the air. It is technically possible for a torpedo to be fired at another torpedo, and even hit it, but we're quite sure the odds of that happening are very low!

Torpedoes have fuel, and thrusters, which they use to move and rotate towards their target. Their limited turning rate means that it is possible to dodge them, almost like a matador dodges a bull.

A torpedo does not have it's own sensors or targeting systems, instead it is remotely controlled by the ship's computer. Because of this if the ship loses it's lock on the torpedo's target, it will no longer track that target. Taking out the system which fired the torpedo, even temporarily, will also affect the torpedo's tracking.

The torpedo's worst enemy is the energy shield, as striking it will detonate the torpedo but most of it's explosive energy will be reflected into space. Lasers are much better against shields as their energy is directed in such a way that most of it is absorbed by the shield, draining it's capacitor.


We are focusing on bringing UNION to Greenlight, and then will be doing our best to spread awareness of the game, so I think the next dev log will be a few weeks off.

Thanks for reading!


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