[Progress - 16th March] UI Animations & Kite Class Spaceship

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[Progress - 16th March] UI Animations & Kite Class Spaceship
« on: April 16, 2017, 08:07:06 PM »
Hey all,

I have finished my work on the animation systems for the UI. I was hoping to get a video out of it in action before I head off on my trip, but there isn't enough time.

When I get back I intend to work on the modular armor system. Right now ships only have one armor block, whereas ship armor will be split into sections, each housing one or more of the ship's systems.

Pete sent me on an update of his workon creating the production/game ready Kite class spaceship model. Here it is:
I've been tipping away on this, here's an image of where I'm at:

What am I looking at you might ask? :) Well, these are the parts that I've been optimising and unwrapping, wherever you see an even checkerboard texture is where I have greatly reduced polygon detail and unwrapped for texturing in line with best practices.

Currently it's at about 140k tris but I still have a ways to go with this, and some of the isolated pieces will be collapsed together. I'll keep going as I am and then assess once I've completed an optimisation/unwrapping pass on each remaining piece of geometry.

Here's the wireframe:

Here's an image of parts optimised vs parts remaining

Let me know if you have any comments or queries.

Thanks for reading!

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