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  • How to boil an egg

    When it comes to science fiction, and boiled eggs, how hard is too hard? I've always loved my hard scifi, but...
  • A Game of Chance (Fiction)

    Universe or Nothing has a rich narrative, but it is something which we haven't really touched upon yet. We wanted to...

Universe or Nothing




Have you ever wanted to be a spaceship Captain, facing real challenges and making meaningful choices; a Helmsman, evading missiles while keeping the enemy in your sights; a Tactical Officer, bringing destruction to your foes and managing away teams; a Science Officer, fighting an information war and directing researchers; or a Chief Engineer, pushing systems to their limits and overseeing technicians. If the answer is yes, Universe or Nothing is your game.

We want you to help shape the future of Universe or Nothing, join us for development discussion and updates on our forums or Facebook page.

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